What is this?

DC-API allows developers the ability to access blog post data from DannyChoo.com via a RESTful API. That info is returned in a JSON formatted string.

All queries, with the exception of the one for categories, will return the title, description, create date (GMT), URL, category name, and category URL. The URLs do not include the hostname (http://www.dannychoo.com).


I've written a blog post that might sum it up, and a brief overview here.


Just point your application at one of the URLs outlined below.

All Posts

Returns all post data along with the total post count, results per page, current page, links to the previous and next pages, and the post data itself.

By default, posts return in descending order by create date. You can explictly set the direction by including the page number (1 to start from the first or last post) and /asc or /desc parameters.


Latest Post

Returns the latest post. Info is gathered once per day.

Random Post

Returns a random post.


Returns category info (URL and Name).

Error Handling

If you query a URL that does not exist, you'll get a normal HTTP error response.

If there is an issue with your request, an error message will be returned:

{"error": "ERROR STRING"}